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TV robot TV Robot with Outer-Space Visuals

This large-size battery-operated robot features a TV screen in its chest with scrolling images of outer-space scenes.

Our Price: $125.00
Sushi Cats Sushi Cats, Set of Five Surreal Nigiri Sushi Pieces

Set of five surreal but cute Sushi Cats figurines.

Our Price: $35.00
teahouse bento box Charming Teahouse-shaped Lunchbox

Evoke the atmosphere of traditional Japan every lunchtime

Our Price: $29.00
star strider toy robot Raybeam-Spraying "Star Strider" Robot

Classic sixties-era Japanese design comes to life in this foot-tall, battery-powered, machine gun-shooting robot

Our Price: $95.00
scratch cat plush toy Scratch plush alleycat

Scratch - the plush alleycat with a worldly attitude and a mischievous streak

Our Price: $24.00
Diode-character Folding Umbrella Cute Diode-character Folding Umbrella

Friendly, smiling transistors and diodes populate this whimsical umbrella from the Kuralab design group

Our Price: $29.00
bud vase Bauhaus-style Bamboo-Lattice Bud Vase

Traditional bamboo craftsmanship meets modern design sensibility in this versatile bud vase

Our Price: $34.00
cedar sake set Hand-crafted Cedar Wood Sake Set

Superb craftsmanship for your table from a traditional carpentry atelier in Akita Prefecture

Our Price: $60.00