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Antique Advertising Poster with Cherry-blossom theme
cherry-blossom themed poster

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Product Code: VPST23

Japanese posters from the early twentieth century offer a striking mix of traditional imagery and Day-Glo-like colors that predate Tadanori Yokoo's psychedelic palette by half a century. These posters were printed by sake breweries, and individual sake stores would add their details in the empty space on the left.

In this silk-screen poster, a beauty in scarlet kimono and green obi holds a bottle of sake under a cherry blossom tree. Behind her, a group of kabuki actors in formal kimono arrive to celebrate with a barrel of sake.

The woman's face and hands are snow white, but her eyes and cheeks are painted a vivid Taisho-era pink. (There are a few tiny holes at the right edge of the poster, where it was sewn together with other sheets, but these could be matted out when framed.)

Size: 20.5 x 15 inches (52 x 38 cm)

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