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Retro-design, die-cast, all-metal robot toys, made in Japan.

sparking robot Retro-futuristic "Sparking Robot"

Displaying an impressive shower of sparks in its clear torso, this miniature toy also doubles as a memo holder

Our Price: $15.00
Mini X-9 Space Robot Car Mini X-9 Space Robot Car with Shooting Balls

A miniature wind-up version of a classic 1950s hybrid robot-car-spaceship from Japan

Our Price: $17.00
mini target robot Classic Skirted "Mini Target" Robot

Cute as a mainframe computer on rollers, this is one of the legendary Gang of Five robots from the late fifties and early sixties

Our Price: $18.00
mr atomic windup robot Sixties-style "Mr. Atomic" Windup Robot Toy

A faithful replica of a classic from the heyday of the Japanese tin-toy industry

Our Price: $19.00
Windup Sparky Robot Spunky Windup "Sparky" Robot

This mid-size (six-inch) limited-edition robot promises "Lighted Breast and Go Action"!

Our Price: $40.00
star strider toy robot Raybeam-Spraying "Star Strider" Robot

Classic sixties-era Japanese design comes to life in this foot-tall, battery-powered, machine gun-shooting robot

Our Price: $95.00
space evil robot Overlord-Type "Space Evil" Robot

With flashing lights and noisy machine-gun action, this large-size battery-driven robot is charmingly fearsome

Our Price: $95.00
new gear toy robot "New Gear" Robot with Visible Insides

With its colorful moving gears and friendly antennae, this hard-to-find model is back in stock after a long absence

Our Price: $115.00
TV robot TV Robot with Outer-Space Visuals

This large-size battery-operated robot features a TV screen in its chest with scrolling images of outer-space scenes.

Our Price: $125.00
new meter robot New Meter Robot with Spinning Gauges

This large-size battery-operated robot features a rotating radar-loop antenna and fluctuating gauges in its chest.

Our Price: $150.00