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A selection of casual items priced at under US$25, including shipping.

sparking robot Retro-futuristic "Sparking Robot"

Displaying an impressive shower of sparks in its clear torso, this miniature toy also doubles as a memo holder

Our Price: $15.00
Aerodynamic Shinkansen Pencil Case Aerodynamic Shinkansen Pencil Case

This slick-fabric pencil case is a dead ringer for a classic bullet-train locomotive

Our Price: $15.00
miniature sento Miniature Japanese Bath House

A precise scale-model reproduction of traditional Taisho-era architecture

Our Price: $15.00
postal tea canister Japan Postbox Tea Canister

Unique tea canister or pen stand in the shape of a Japanese postbox

Our Price: $15.00
lacquer chopstick rests Classic Lacquer Chopstick Rests

This set of lacquerware chopstick rests will enhance any traditional Japanese meal

Our Price: $15.00
wood mosaic mousepad Decorative Yosegi Wood-Mosaic Mousepad

Traditional marquetry techniques applied to a contemporary desktop tool

Our Price: $16.00
vegetable chopstick rests Farm-style Vegetable-shaped Chopstick Rests

These colorful chopstick rests in the shape of ripe vegetables will brighten up any Asian meal

Our Price: $17.00
mini target robot Classic Skirted "Mini Target" Robot

Cute as a mainframe computer on rollers, this is one of the legendary Gang of Five robots from the late fifties and early sixties

Our Price: $18.00
washi paper Washi Paper Set (3 Sheets)

Set of three different patterns of washi paper to celebrate Spring

Our Price: $18.00
mr atomic windup robot Sixties-style "Mr. Atomic" Windup Robot Toy

A faithful replica of a classic from the heyday of the Japanese tin-toy industry

Our Price: $19.00
townscape postcards Nostalgic Townscape Pop-Up Postcards

A miniature Japanese village for your desktop

Our Price: $19.00
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