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Clothing and accessories, from the traditional to the modern

Diode-character Folding Umbrella Cute Diode-character Folding Umbrella

Friendly, smiling transistors and diodes populate this whimsical umbrella from the Kuralab design group

Our Price: $29.00
Kasuri-dye muffler Modern, Colorful Kasuri-Dye Cotton Muffler

Up-to-date, unique design from a fifth-generation Kyushu kimono fabric maker

Our Price: $100.00
phoenix-pattern shirt Phoenix-pattern Construction Worker's Shirt

A beautiful design derived from traditional tattoo art and woodblock prints

Our Price: $100.00
mompe pants Black Patchwork-pattern Mompe Work Pants

Unisex trousers in dark, patchwork-pattern cotton are perfect for gardening, yoga, or just lounging

Our Price: $130.00
mompe pants Stylish Red Fan-motif Mompe Work Pants

Comfortable, functional unisex trousers in two-tone crimson cotton fabric

Our Price: $140.00